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Please contact us for any questions and can order any of these products by phone, also Auntie'M Biddy Bumpers and Migration Fencing can be placed by phone. 

Phone - 336-879-2000

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Phone - 336-953-1569

Email - antiemunlimitedpoultry@gmail.com

We also work with Integrators for financing

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Our Products

Auntie'M Biddy Bumpers and Migration Fences

-Maintenance Free

-Light Weight

-Easily Replaced

-Custom made for your chicken house measurements

-It could help prevent bruising on birds

-Potentially aiding in lowering IP in the processing houses


-Maintenance Free

-See water pressure with ease and clearness

-Moves with the water as the pressure goes up and down

-Moves with the water to prevent air locks

Door Sealers

-Maintenance free

-Light weight easy to put in

-Won't have to worry about that heavy board anymore

-Custom made for your door measurements

Starter Boxes

2 by 2 square box 2 inches deep. Helps keep feed off the ground and helps keep feed lines full!